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Sneak Peek Morning in America #2

[Preview] Morning in America #2

The Sick Sisters know there’s something wrong in their small town of Tucker, Ohio and they are going to do something about it in Morning in America #2 from Oni Press.


Where were you in 1981?

IDW Publishing has announced writer Magdalene Visaggio and artist Marley Zarcone are take you back to 1981, and the ultimate party at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a four-issue mini-series, Marilyn Manor.

Review Morning in America #1

[Preview] Morning in America #1

Oni Press releases Morning in America #1 this week! Take the jump for a sneak peek of the issue that finds a small town inundated with monsters.

Review 8.0

New Talent Showcase 2018 #1 Review

Breaking into comics is hard, and some publishers set up programs to help them uncover new talent. DC Comics, publisher of some of the greatest superheroes in the world, has such a program, and once a year they give space to the creators of tomorrow who made it.

Featured Vagrant Queen #1 Review

Vagrant Queen #1 Review

Once a child queen, now a space rogue, Elida Al-Feyr runs her game the only way she knows how, with a blaster in her fist and chip on her shoulder. But when she finds out there is a chance her mother is still alive eight years after she was thought to be dead, will she take a chance and try to save her? Is a nerf-herder scruffy looking? Let’s find out in Vagrant Queen #1 from Vault Comics!