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The host of Strip Panel Naked has now launched a digital magazine celebrating comics and the craft of the medium.

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This week a new version of DC’s Direct Currents free quarterly periodical arrived in comics shops, taking its place alongside Marvel’s Free Previews to provide information about upcoming titles from that company. In this era of Internet instantaneous communication, including Facebook and Twitter, why produce a slick, four-color, glossy publication about your products? There are good and bad sides to this, so let me explore some of them.

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heavy metalSneak Peek

Did you pick up the latest issue of Heavy Metal Magazine this week? If not, take the jump and check out this preview.

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Dungeons And DragonsGamingSolicitationswizards of the coast

Wizards of the Coast sent me a quick email to let me know that the latest issue of Dragon+ magazine has arrived on the App Store and on Google Play.  Take the jump for a rundown of the issue!

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KickstarterPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release The first issue of Uncanny Magazine will be available on November 4th at

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Adult FilmsVivid Entertainment

We’ve already seen what Vivid can do when it parodies the superhero genre, but what happens when the company teams with Magna Publishing to create a SuperXXXHeroes magazine?

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DisneyMarvelpixarPress Release

Press Release Marvel and Disney Publishing will debut DISNEY•PIXAR PRESENTS, a new monthly magazine featuring some of the most popular characters from the acclaimed Disney/Pixar films.  Intended for readers of all ages and priced at $5.99, the first issue will hit stores in May 2011.

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Indie Comics MagazinePress Release

Press Release Indie Comics Magazine Editor Gary Scott Beatty recently announced Canadian Mike Kitchen will appear in Indie Comics Magazine #2, available only through pre-order at your local comic book shop through February’s Diamond Comic Distributors’ Previews catalog.

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Arcana StudiosPress Release

Arcana Studios, an award winning comic book publisher and transmedia producer, is proud to announce the launch of Arcana Magazine. Debuting on January 27th 2010, and solicited in the current November Previews (Diamond Code: NOV09 0599) is the new quarterly magazine simply entitled Arcana, the re-designed print version of the on-line comics based magazine Extra Sequential.

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