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Or – “The Breakout Character Find of 2008 (Or Possibly 2007, I Can’t Remember)…” Okay, I admit it.  One of the less-important draws (no pun intended) of this series is the wonderful work that artist Mahmud Asrar puts into female leads Slingshot and Scrap.  Aside from being well-sculpted ladies (and, DIFFERENTLY sculpted at that) our feminine protagonists have personality, in their faces, the way they move and stand, even in their subtlest body language.  So, when I heard that this issue was going to feature Scrap in (essentially) solo action, I can’t say that I was terribly disappointed.  Certainly, it’s

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Dynamo 5Image ComicsReview

Or, “This Is The Story…  Of 7 Strangers…  Picked To Murder Dynamo 5…” …and find out what happens when people STOP being polite, and start getting homicidal.  The Real World:  Tower City!

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Everyone has their favorite buddy movie. Whether it’s Tango and Cash, Lethal Weapon, Rush Hour, the Last Boy Scout, or even 48 Hours it all boils down to the interactions between the central characters. In the case of Cover Girl from Boom! Studios, take one of the buddies and replace he with a she, throw in high speed chases, gun play, and a plot to set off a bomb, and you get an idea of the type of action you’re in for.

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