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DCFinal CrisisGrant MorrisonReviewSuperman

WTF?  Seriously, WTF? I’ve let grant morrison run amok in the DC Universe for over a year now without condemning him as a mad man. I’ve questioned his methods, his writing, and his message, but never thought of calling the men in the white coats to haul him away for a serious examination of his head. After reading Superman Beyond 3D #2, I’m looking for a nut house that has an opening.

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BatmanDCKevin SmithReview

Wordy much? The announcement that Kevin Smith was returning to DC Comics with a new series caused ripples around the comic community. Many still feel betrayed by Smith’s previous attempts at writing a complete arc that suffered from excessive delays, while others got their geek-gasm on over the return of Onomatopoeia – a character created by Smith during his run on Green Arrow.  One thing you can be sure of finding in Cacophony #1 is a lot of Kevin Smith.

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Darwyn CookeImage ComicsMadman

Image Comics has announced that Madman Atomic Comics #14 will feature a collaboration between Darwyn Cooke and J. Bone. “Darwyn and I are like twins separated at birth,” Madman creator Mike Allred said in a prepared statement. “We dig all the same things and get ridiculously excited about whatever we’re working on.  We also throw fits whenever we’re told ‘no’ by ‘the Man’, and, sometimes to our detriment, have a ‘burned earth policy’ when it comes to doing a project the way we want.  Fortunately, we usually get the support needed to build our visions, and MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS is

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