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Review 7.7

Nottingham #1 (of 5) Review

Mad Cave brings us a new interpretation of Robin Hood and the Merry Men! The Sheriff of Nottingham is hunting down a serial killer while also investigating a man known as “Hood”. Check out in Nottingham #1 by Mad Cave Studios! 

Review 8.0

They Fell from the Sky #1 Review

Tommy Murphy is just an ordinary kid dealing with ordinary problems. But a chance encounter in the woods may change his life forever. Find out more in They Fell from the Sky #1 by Mad Cave Studios! 

Review Terminal Punks #1 Review 6.3

Terminal Punks #1 Review

Four friends win a trip to New York and land just as another plane crashes, a plane full of creatures turned into monsters. What happens when they meet? Find out in Terminal Punks #1 from Mad Cave Studios!

Review Villainous #1 Review 8.0

Villainous #1 Review

Tilly’s dream has come true – she has been accepted as a sidekick by the Coalition of Heroes! How strange can her first day be? Find out in Villainous #1 from Mad Cave Studios!

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