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Hasbro has announced it is teaming with Machinima to bring the final two chapters of the Transformers Animated Series to fans around the world.

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It sounds like Hasbro is finally catering to adult fans instead of the kiddies with disposable income, as the toy maker has announced it is teaming with Machinima to develop an animated Transformers series that is a bit more adult in nature.

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The feature length direct to video release of DC Comics’s Justice League: Gods and Monsters arrives on July 28th, but leading up to the release is a animated series that gives you all the background you need on the characters and this strange new world. Machinima is hosting the series, and the first episode is here.

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Press Release The production team behind the successful STREET FIGHTER: ASSASSIN’S FIST series has today announced plans for its sequel; STREET FIGHTER: WORLD WARRIOR. Joey Ansah (THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM and SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN), director and writer of Assassin’s Fist, together with cast members Mike Moh (‘Ryu’) and Gaku Space (‘Goki’), took to the stage at the Capcom Street Fighter Panel at San Diego’s Comic Con to announce the latest instalment in the adaptation of the classic videogame franchise.  The new series is currently in development, with a launch date set for late 2015 / early 2016.

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Check out the first episode of Machinima Prime’s Enormous series that features enormous monsters, a mystery virus, and cool production values on a low budget.

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If you have been following the ups and downs of the Halo franchise since its beginning in 2001, you were excited for the idea being tossed around a few years ago about a movie treatment and then disappointed when it was canned. But now, in the year of Halo 4’s release, there will finally be a filmed adaptation of the series. It won’t be coming to the big screen or even the small screen, however. Take the jump and see what is coming.

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