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I’m not sure the Intardwebz were aflame this week over the announcement that J. Michael Straczynski was leaving Thor in September, but it sure had a great number of you concerned – especially when it comes to dangling storylines.  Fortuantely, Marvel released more information about the changes ahead, that you can read after the jump.

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Heroic PublishingWOWIO

WOWIO relaunched yesterday under its new owner Platinum Studios, and the first thing I’ve noticed is the free sponsored downloads appear to be a thing of the past.  While you can read the issues online for free, you need to be connected to the Interweb in order to get that freebie.  If you want to download for offline reading later, the prices seem to fluctuate based on the title being offered. That’s a real bummer. On the plus side, when you are reading the individual pages, you can save and download the images.  You’ll have to do some renaming, but

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Iron FistMarvelReview

Or – “Swan Song, Anyone?” So. I’m back.  Those of you who listen to the podcast may have heard my oblique references to having a swollen arm and generally whining about something or other.  The clinical diagnosis is “tendonitis,” which means that my left arm swells, and throbs, and basically makes life miserable, and fine motor work (like, say, typing?) has a tendency to cause agony.  I’m mostly over this bout, thanks for asking, just in time to go on a bravado run of reviewing unmatched by any man, woman, or energy being in a tiny scale model spaceship in

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