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There are many Spoilerites who think Unbreakable is the perfect superhero origin story movie. There are also many of you who lament there was never a sequel made. Those people should rush out and see Split, which turned into a surprise tie-in to the Bruce Willis thriller. Now that the curtain has been pulled away, M. Night Shyamalan has announced Glass, the follow up to both films.

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The Visit opens in theaters, and M. Night Shyamalan’s comments about studio views on mid-budget movies spurs discussion on this week’s Zach on Film.

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Lot of movie news came out this week from Joker to Perry to LEGO Spider-Man, but a few stories may not have been picked up by your radar. Let’s fix that.

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Father and son Smith play father and son Raige in M. Night Shyamalan’s sci-fi tale of survival on an abandoned and hostile future Earth. Smith movies are generally pretty good, and M. Night has, in the distant past, made good movies too. Is this a match made in the stars? (Spoilers: Not really)

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Do superhumans live among us? Would this person know they’re superhuman, or would they assume they were just a normal human, living out their lives like everyone else? What if one of these people realized they were in fact something… else?

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The Last Airbender movie from M Night Shyamalan is coming soon, and slashFilm picked up some of the images from today’s USA Today. Noah Ringer plays Aang, the last Air Bender.  The 12-year old from Texas who was cast during an open call.  I’ve only recently caught the series on Nick between episodes of Make Way for Noddy and Thomas the Tank Engine, but I’m certainly looking forward to the trailer that will debut before the Transformers movie on July 2nd. via SlashFilm

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