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AfterShock ComicsFeaturedReview

If you’ve read my recent review of Replica #1, you know that I am really high on AfterShock Comics. They continue to release excellent books, and the latest of these is called Strayer, and I really enjoyed its debut issue.

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Boom StudiosFeaturedReview

Mysteries continue to be some of my favorite reading and TV viewing. I love trying to figure out what’s really going on, and the best mystery writers can keep me guessing until the very end. What’s happening in this book is that the creators are ratcheting up the danger quite a bit by doing to mystery what Fox’s Bones does to crime TV: come across the really tough cases. And John Flood has one of my favorite sci-fi concepts involved – he doesn’t need to sleep. I’ve always been fascinated by that possibility!

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FeaturedImage ComicsReview

After a few years and a couple of delays, Justin Jordan’s final chapter in the Luther Strode saga has hit stands.  What has happened to Luther and his girlfriend after being caught by the cops?  Who else will try to come after them?  How much evisceration will there be?  Major Spoilers has the answers in The Legacy of Luther Strode #1 review!

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Image ComicsPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Justin Jordan (SPREAD, LUTHER STRODE) and Tradd Moore (LUTHER STRODE, All New Ghost Rider) reunite for LEGACY OF LUTHER STRODE, the final chapter in the popular LUTHER STRODE trilogy, set to launch from Image Comics on April 1.

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Image ComicsSneak Peek

Image Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week. Take the jump for a look at Artifacts #24, Change #2, Clone #3, End Times of Bram and Ben #1, Guarding the Globe #5, Infinite Vacation #5, Legend of Luther Strode #2, Mind the Gap #7, Non Humans #2, and many, many more.

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Image ComicsSolicitations

Press Release The Image Comics mini-series THE STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE ended in a baptism of blood as former geeky weakling Luther Strode discovered the depths of the powers he developed with “The Hercules Method” of strengthening — and with a promise of more mayhem.

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