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Friends of LuluPress Release

Press Release The time has come again to nominate the best and brightest for the Lulu Board of Directors! We need our members to nominate dedicated people to keep up the good work, changes and new adventures for Friends of Lulu that has been the hallmark of 2008. Nominating and voting individuals to the National Board is one of the privileges enjoyed by members of Friends of Lulu; if you are a member please visit our online nomination page at and submit your nominations!

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AwardFriends of LuluMoCCA

The San Diego Comic Con is big.  Very big.  So big in fact that it just might be too large for the Friends of Lulu, the organization that recognizes the efforts for women in comics, who have decided to move to the award ceremony to the MoCCA Art Festival. “We are excited to bring an award event to MoCCA Artfest, and just as excited not to be competing with the multitude of great events at San Diego Comic-Con this July. We are able to reach a larger group of people eager to see wonderful creators recognized for their hard work

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Women in Comics

Tom Spurgeon has an excellent interview with Valerie D’Orazio of Occasional Superheroine fame and current President of Friends of Lulu that you need to read. SPURGEON: Is there any issue in the last three years that you think has been underplayed? Overplayed? D’ORAZIO: I understand a lot of the outrage some readers have about stuff like T&A in comics. But this stuff is never going away. The primal need to look at a pair of breasts is never going away. Now, saying something like “I don’t want this cherished comic book heroine to be a slut” or “kids shouldn’t read

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