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Long time fan of the Major Spoilers website, Josh was one of the first to purchase our Bear Reads Major Spoilers T-Shirt from the Major Spoilers Merch Store. THANKS JOSH!  And for your loyalty, we now parody you from the original source. If you want to buy your own Bear Reads T-Shirt, you know where to click.  Purchases from the Major Spoilers Store go to a good cause – keeping this site alive for another week. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to make a shirt with Josh on it. Yet.

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Markosia PublishingSneak Peek

AAM/Markosia has announced a new Starship Troopers one-shot called War Stories: Tasch, that arrives in stores in December 2008.  War Stories: Tasch is written by Cy Dethan with art by Neil van Antwerpen and Peter-David Douglas. Cy Dethan explains, “‘War Stories: Tasch’ is essentially an “origin” piece. Before signing up for Pathfinder training, Private Naomi Tasch was a specialised sniper, working alongside a Mk-II combat Neodog. Neodogs are genetically and cybernetically altered animals with enhanced intelligence and physical attributes, linked to their handlers through a complex set of implants. During a full-scale planetary evacuation, Tasch’s Neodog partner goes missing and

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