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The answer, Dear Reader, is to release your movie one week before the opening of their movie.  At least that’s what Warner Bros. plan to do with The Losers as the company announced it was moving the release date from April 9, 2010 to June 4, 2010, just a week before the A-Team opens.  Having just read the source material, I can say I look forward to two weeks of action movies where plans come together nicely. via Deadline Hollywood

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And it looks a heck of a lot like the cover to the last issue. via LA Times

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The Losers have found their villain in the form of Jason Patric. Patric plays Max, a CIA agent who has gone off the rails and sets up the title characters, a black ops team, to be killed. This is Patric’s first comic book role, and first time as the heavy in a movie.  The movie is currently shooting in Puerto Rico. via Variety

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No, I’m not talking about that long line already waiting to get into the next Harry Potter movie, but the comic book adaptation being worked up between Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures. Sylvain White is directing the adaptation of the Vertigo book, which follows a special forces team betrayed by their handler and left for dead. The Losers regroup in the interest of revenge and the opportunity to remove their names from a secret CIA death list and to conduct covert operations against the CIA and its interests. Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan is negotiations to star as Clay, the

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Yes it is time for a shameless plug for the Major Spoilers Podcast.  We’re pushing our way to 2,000 downloads per episode, and as soon as we pass that mark on a regular basis, you’ll be seeing even more great things from the Major Spoilers Gang of Idiots. “It’s always refreshing to come upon a podcast that is done by people who SHOULD be podcasting.  These guys do a great job of talking all things comics and pop culture.  They’re geeks without being losers. That’s a good thing.  Keep up the great work guys.” -Bighonkin “These guys have it all

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