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Following up on last week’s review of two linked comics, this week I get to sit down and review both X-Factor #34 and X-Factor Layla Miller #1. And for all those of you who get sick of seeing me review 5 out of 5 comics, your wish has come at last. In this installment; the in-continuity/issued X-Factor #34, part 3 of the Darwin Awards storyline that was last seen in She Hulk #31.

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My first introduction to witnessing an event as it took place was the Civil War/Infinite Crisis year. Back then, I was a little bit younger, and apparently I didn’t mind the mass of books that you had to buy to keep up with what was happening. I was blissfully unaware of the sheer greed that went with such an event and the need to tie-in as much as humanly possible to make as much money. So when I saw the Secret Invasion banner on top of my X-Factor this past week, I was crestfallen. Not entirely surprised, just disappointed.

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MarvelSneak Peek

The Secret Invasion has already spilled into other Marvel titles, and the next two to feel the grasp of the green skinned villains are She-Hulk and X-Factor that not only tie-in to Secret Invasion, but also cross over with each other, in the He Loves You arc. Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of both issues arriving in July.

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