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Action Comics #1000
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Even as a big Bat-fan, every so often I have to give the Man of Steel his due!

Now that Superman is going where no longjohns-wearer has gone before – 80 years of being published – it’s time to talk about Big Blue!

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Comics Portal Previews World Diamond Comic Distributors
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As this column continues to examine the state of the comics industry, I often find myself looking at steps being taken to try and keep local comics shops alive. The latest one was recently discussed by site Head Honcho Stephen Schleicher as he examined Diamond Announcing a Pull and Hold Service. You know what? If it works, I’m all for it!

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I’ve really been fuming lately over the stranglehold Diamond has over comics distribution in the United States. For instance, if you want to put a great superhero book out, if you’re not part of the “bigger” companies, they’ll flat-out reject your series, no matter how good it is. “Too many superhero books,” they say, as I’ve heard from several Indie comics creators. Well, maybe someone’s finally doing something about it!

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