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Long time friend of the site Scott Johnson has not had an entry in the Art Appreciation Moment of the Day, and it’s time to correct that.  If you haven’t been following Scott’s morning doodles (get your mind out of the gutter Peterson!), then you are missing out on some creative work he’s been doing to warm up in the morning.  Scott has done some comic styled work in the past, but his Evil entry had me curious – is this an evil mad scientist, or Jean-Luc Picard years down the road? via Scott’s Morning Doodle

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Otter is a long time friend of most of the Major Spoilers Crew.  Otter does an online webcomic.  Otter likes to poke fun at us.  It’s a good thing we can take a joke. Oh, yes!  A multipart story! Check the rest over in the Major Spoilers Forum.

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My Extra LifePodcastScott JohnsonTodd McFarlane

Anyone who every read Spawn, or likes to get their hands on well crafted action figures, has heard of Todd McFarlane.  But how many of you have had the opportunity to actually interview the man?   Long time friend of Major Spoilers, and host of the ELR and The Instance podcasts, Scott Johnson ( got the word from Todd, and ended up interviewing him for both shows. What I did not expect was to come away with a wealth of advice and life lessons as a cartoonist. Any of you that are interested in art, drawing, cartooning, whatever…you HAVE to listen

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