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Ever since the introduction of the kid sidekick and the “pal” character in superhero comics, kids young and old have fantasized about being that person.  If the superhero world were real, and you couldn’t be the secret pal of the hero, would you be willing to answer his phone calls and pick up her dry cleaning?

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Boom StudiosPress Release

Los Angeles – January 26th, 2009 – Think your boss is tough? Try working for a superhero! A story of capes, cowls and Blackberrys, CAPED comes to you from the brains of SOUTH PARK writers Josh Lobis and Darin Moiselle, with art by Yair Herrera. In CAPED, we meet Jimmy Lohman. Millions would kill to be a superhero’s personal assistant. Unfortunately, Jimmy’s not one of them. Down on his luck, and assisting a has-been hero, will anyone take Jimmy seriously when he uncovers the plot to kill off every superhero in town?

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