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Archie Comics has announced it will launch a brand new series called Sonic Universe that will tie all the various Sonic titles together into a coherent universe. SONIC UNIVERSE #1 starts with a bang.  In the story “Living Weapons,” Shadow and Metal Sonic continue their series-spanning fight and wind up in a whole new dimension!  As we continue to re-envision Sonic’s future, fans can also look to the past by picking up SONIC ARCHIVES #10 to revisit classic Sonic stories, or read them for the very first time. It truly brings things full circle for fans! Meanwhile, things are as

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Let’s get this out of the way up front so there is no confusion later on; I’m a big Josh Howard fan.  I like the man, I like his stories, and I like his artwork.  With that out of the way T-Bird and Throttle #0 arrived this past week, and after months of girls in skirts killing the undead, I’m ready to get into a new storyline, this time with superheroes.

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