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COMICS PORTAL: Reading Rocks!

In my last column, I explored what comic books wanted to be when they grow up. Well, there was one thing I didn’t get into so I thought I would talk about it this time on a holiday weekend in the States—what I refer to as “the importance of reading.”


COMICS PORTAL: A Tale of Three Shops

Local comics shops are doing the very best they can these days! However, I recently came across three stores, all within five miles of each other, that are doing things very differently!

Comics Portal Comics Portal

COMICS PORTAL: Ch-ch-ch-changes?

Last week, I wondered out loud what the future of Diamond Distributors might hold, even if it has one at all. There has been a LOT of conversation regarding what changes some would like to see happen when the Coronavirus eventually fades away, so I thought this time I’d talk about what could take place or at least considered as we move forward.

Featured Comics Portal Infinity Toy and Comic Con

COMICS PORTAL: Comics Dealers Helping Comics Dealers

This past weekend, the Infinity Toy & Comics Show was held just outside Orlando, Florida. One of their guests was my friend and Indie comics creator Richard Rivera from Stabbity Bunny. Of course, I was there to help him out. It was a fun, albeit smaller con.

Featured Go Gamestop Go

COMICS PORTAL: Go, GameStop, Go!

The last several days I’ve been reading from several sources about another company, GameStop, and their experiment with selling DC and Marvel comics in a limited number of their stores.

All I can say is, go, GameStop, go!

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