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MarvelReviewUltimate Origins

They meddled in God’s domain I love how Marvel introduced the Watchers into the Ultimate Universe.  Throughout the five issue run of Ultimate Origins, they have been the silent central characters who bare witness to all the key moments in this universe’s history.  And now that this prequel to Ultimatum is over, it suddenly clicks.  Beware! Major Spoilers of Ultimate Origins #5 ahead!

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HulkMarvelMichael TurnerVariant

Marvel has unveiled the variant covers to the Hulk #6 and #7 done by the late great Michael Turner. “Living in a world without Mike is something I could never imagine,” said Hulk scribe Jeph Loeb. “He was the greatest guy. The. Greatest.  I wanted some way to share my love of his artwork and at the same time give something to the fans — who were more important to Mike than anyone can imagine — and spoke to Marvel about doing these covers.  They are pieces Mike did of the Green Hulk (one as a gift to Frank Mastromauro)and

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