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Yesterday, Valiant Entertainment teased us with The Secret. Today, that secret has been revealed to be Secret Weapons by Eric Heisserer, Raul Allen, and Patricia Martin.

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As previously reported at, Valiant Digital will be bringing many of their characters to visual life in the upcoming Ninjak Versus the Valiant Universe digital series, expected to debut in 2017. When the announcement was made at the recent New York Comic Con, Valiant made two actors from the show, Kevin Porter and Ciera Foster, available to chat with us about it. Special thanks to Valiant’s Hunter Gorinson and Andrew Steinbeiser for making this happen!

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Livewire first appeared in Superman: The Animated Series, but like Harley Quinn before her, the character was popular enough to make it into the mainstream DCU. Now, with the Supergirl television series upon us, Livewire is making her way back to the small screen.

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