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Rolled and Told Volume 1 Review

Are you a first time DM and you are nervous about playing? Maybe you’re a veteran campaigner looking for something new? Well, we are here to help.

Review 10.0

KINO #16 Review

Alistair Meath finally knows who he is and where he fits into this brave new world, but does he really? Find out in Kino #16, if you dare!

Review 9.0

Midnight Radio Review

A computer programmer, a musician, and immigrant, and a social media star; four young people who have never met, but who’s lives touch each other in ways they may never understand. What mysterious message connects them and can their stories ever have a happy ending? Find out in MIDNIGHT RADIO from Lion Forge.

Review Quincredible #5 Review 9.0

Quincredible #5 Review

Alexandre Zelime may be behind the high-tech weapons in town, but what is Dr. Davis doing with him? Whose side is he on? Let’s find out in this review of Quincredible #5 from Lion Forge Comics.

Review 8.3

Haphaven Review

When a girl’s belief in superstition proves to be painfully true, she will have to set out on a quest to find a magical lucky totem to save her mother, and perhaps change how she sees the world.

Review Kino #14 Review 10.0

Kino #14 Review

Alistair Meath’s memories and powers return to him, but at what cost to him…and to his country?

Review Herakles Book 2 Review 8.7

Herakles Book 2 Review

The heroic journey of the epic hero known as Herakles continues! Having finished the first eight challenges laid out by King Eurystheus. Is he up to the challenge to continue, or will the King continue to doubt his nature as a demigod? Herakles Book 2 is available now from Lion Forge Press and The Magnetic Collection.

Review Kino #12 Review 10.0

Kino #12 Review

When your reality isn’t the reality you used to know, how can you even begin to tell who your friends are?

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