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With this being the busiest week for the pop culture and comic book world, I wanted to try something different.  This week I want to try and find comic convention sketches or art inspired by conventions to showcase.  A quick search yielded a different take on conventions in the form of a “Where’s Waldo” type piece by Hanh Ngoc Nguyen.

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Art AsylumDiamond Select ToysMarvelMiniMatesToys

Diamond Select Toys has announced the next line of Minimate figures from Art Asylum features the original team (minus Thor) assembled for the first time. The Avengers #1 Minimates box set contains Iron Man in his original gold armor, the winged Wasp, the diminutive Ant-Man and the Jack Kirby-style Incredible Hulk.

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Adam Hughesartcomic conventionDCPoster

Over at the official Adam Hughes site, the master has unveiled his Women of the DC Universe poster that you’ll only be able to pick up at the various conventions Hughes will be appearing at this year. This is the line art, before DC asked Adam to add Catwoman. You’ll notice on the art on Adam’s table, he had lightly penciled Selina Kyle in on the left hand side. The editors at DC saw this photograph, and asked that she be added to the roster of Heroines and Villianesses on the piece. At that time, the image had already been

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