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Everyone seemed to really take to our This Bear Reads Comics image posted earlier today, and many asked for a T-Shirt or other product featuring the cute cuddly polar bear that they could snatch up and buy. Your wish is granted.  We changed the design slightly to ensure we don’t get sued by a certain big comic book company. The Major Spoilers Merch Store now features the T-Shirt design for men, women, and children.  And unlike the F’Continuity! shirt, you can change the color of these to your liking. Here’s the breakdown of the Men’s Tee Product Details Men’s Heavyweight

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Wait, I’m still reading this? Don’t know how it got into my pull pile this week, but Batman Confidential once again slipped into my weekly bag of goodness, which means I buy it, I read it.  And in many cases, I review it on this site.  The most recent arc in Batman Confidential features The Joker causing all sorts of hijinks and giving no end of trouble to the police and to the Batman.  In this concluding chapter, we not only find out how Batman keeps the Joker at bay, but also the point of this Confidential arc.

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Bending space just got a whole lot more interesting If you haven’t read the first two issues of Jeff Smith’s RASL, stop reading right now, call or visit your local comic shop, and beg your shop keeper to get you those precious issues.  Without them, your life is not complete.  Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit, but the fact remains, RASL proves that indie titles can be good, and sometimes even awesome.

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