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Or – “Who Is This Allen Person, Again?” Professor Emil Jennings was a man ahead of his time, finding technological ways to capture the powers that took Gamma bombs, alien rockets, special serums and more in the hands of others. From Dynamo’s Thunderbelt, with it’s ability to make you nigh-invulnerable, to Menthor’s helmet and it’s full-spectrum psionic abilities to the mysterious cloak that accompanies them (a long story that I’ll be getting to soon enough) Jennings was pretty much a full-service superpower clearing house. But, it should be noted that not ALL the scientific accomplishments used by T.H.U.N.D.E.R.’s eponymous agents

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Atomic RoboRed 5 ComicsSneak Peek

Arriving in stores this week is the second chapter in the latest Atomic Robo series.  Red 5 Comics has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the issue, that you can see after the jump. We’ve read the full issue, and it rocks!

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle New York Comic Con exclusives sold out lightning fast, but fear not turtle fans, NECA has announced its 2008 San Diego Comic Con exclusive will feature the turtles in the half shel as they appeared in 1984 – black and white, baby! Much like the New York exclusive, this set contains all four Turtles, their complete accessories, and detailed display bases with all-new highly anticipated Black & White paint and deco! San Diego Comic Con will be the first place to pick up the Black & White Turtles anywhere, so be there! As a special

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In 1984, or so the story goes, DC Comics was in dire straits. The company was bleeding money, very few of their iconic characters seemed very relavant, and there were, apparently, rumors that DC would be no more within months… Then, Marv Wolfman and George Perez launched ‘The New Teen Titans,’ a book that took DC’s kid sidekicks, added a dash of X-Men-style plotting, and managed to generate a bona fide classic (and, some say, bringing DC back from the brink.)

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