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Warner Bros. released six character posters across the Internet yesterday, causing fans to scramble to find out what major sites got the exclusives. The new character artwork was made available’s Underwire blog (Ozymandias),’s Hero Complex blog (The Comedian),’s PopWatch blog (Doctor Manhattan),’s Lifeline Live blog (Rorschach),’s Splash Page blog (Silk Spectre II) and (Nite-Owl). As March approaches, expect to see more run all around the web type promotions to build the hype for the movie. via Watchmen Comic Movie

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There’s no need to repeat my love for Peter David’s X-Factor and its valiant leader, Jamie Madrox; I’ve said it all before. But X-Factor #32, once again proves to the world just why it is Jamie and the rest of X-Factor make for one of the best comics being produced at the moment. That being said, this issue did provide me with one frustration, which we’ll get to at the very end.

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