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Image ComicsPress Release

Press Release This December, POWERS and MICE TEMPLAR co-creator Michael Avon Oeming, his SIX collaborator Dan Berman and newcomer John Brogila reveal our world’s true power remains with our ancient gods when one of their own discovers his GOD COMPLEX! “In GOD COMPLEX the Greek Pantheon has survived the centuries, transforming themselves from powerful Gods of the sky to influential men and women of the Earth,” Oeming said. “Some of them live normal lives, some run big business and even more are superheroes. It’s an extremely complex world and after hundreds of years of life on Earth, not all the

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Dynamite EntertainmentFeatured

Is there life on Earth and does that mythical place even exist at all? Well both those extremely important questions are answered after Troy and Dillon discover the Voyager probe floating in space and take it to Dr Zee for analysis. The path to the promised land is now clear and although Adama is considering a completely different path, the rest of the governing council decide that the not inconsiderable risk is worth taking. However nobody bothered to inform NORAD that the Galactica was on its way and the Presidents response is both swift and deadly.

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Image ComicsSneak Peek

Image Comics has sent Major Spoilers another dose of sneak peeks for titles arriving in stores this week.  Take the jump for Dead Space #6, Devoid of Life, G0dland #25, and The Sword #11.

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Or – “Swan Song, Anyone?” So. I’m back.  Those of you who listen to the podcast may have heard my oblique references to having a swollen arm and generally whining about something or other.  The clinical diagnosis is “tendonitis,” which means that my left arm swells, and throbs, and basically makes life miserable, and fine motor work (like, say, typing?) has a tendency to cause agony.  I’m mostly over this bout, thanks for asking, just in time to go on a bravado run of reviewing unmatched by any man, woman, or energy being in a tiny scale model spaceship in

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