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Marcus Nispel has been set as the director for the new Conan movie being developed by Nu Image/Millenium Films, according to Variety.  Nu Image/Millenium Films is teaming with Paradox, the company that holds the rights to Robert E. Howard’s creations to make the movie a reality. Paradox originally set the project at Warner Bros. but declined to ink a new rights deal after numerous unsuccessful attempts to make it with directors like Larry and Andy Wachowski and Robert Rodriguez. Malmberg then set it with Lerner in a seven-figure deal with strong progress to production stipulations. Lerner flirted with Brett Ratner

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It’s official, Rose McGowen and Robert Rodriguez are indeed set to work on the Red Sonja movie.  For those of you who made it through the latest Major Spoilers Podcast, where we talk to Mark Finn about Robert E. Howard (creator of Red Sonya), the story direction of the movie is now perfectly clear; this is definitely going to be Roy Thomas’ Red Sonja than Howard’s creation(s). Full press release (and plenty of Red Sonja images) after the jump

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