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Yes, the Friday link baiting worked, as more people continue to discover Major Spoilers through their non-stop searching for all things Megan Fox.  Since we really need to keep this exploitation on topic (just like we did on Friday, right?), here’s a peek of Megan Fox on the set of Jonah Hex.  Granted we don’t know what she’s wearing under that bath robe, the saloon girl boots, garter, and choker, should give you some idea.  Fox plays Leila, a love interest for Josh Brolin’s Hex. More photos over at I Don’t Like You In That Way.

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The Hollywood Reporter has Transformers hottie Megan Fox signing up to co-star in two additional comic book adaptations.  First up is Jonah Hex, where she’ll star opposite Josh Brolin in the DC western. In “Hex,” being directed by Jimmy Hayward, Fox will play Leila, a gun-wielding beauty and love interest of Hex (Brolin), a scarred bounty hunter tracking a voodoo practitioner (Malkovich) who wants to raise an army of undead to liberate the South. Then there is the continuing talk of Fox playing the title character in Aspen Comics’ Fathom, created by Michael Turner.  Fox certainly has the build to

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