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Press ReleaseTwoMorrows Publishing

Press Release TwoMorrows Publishing, now in its 15th year of celebrating the art and history of comics and LEGO, is starting the summer with a huge 50% off sale. Now through June 30, there are 30 items at available at half-price, while supplies last. Publisher John Morrow notes, “Because of the economy, a lot of people won’t be making the rounds of the major comic book conventions this summer. So throughout June, we’re featuring some perennial favorites and all-time best sellers at the lowest prices we’ve ever offered. If you can’t visit our upcoming booths at Heroes Con and

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DCHero HistoryLegion of Super HeroesReviewShikari

Or – “An Old Tradition With A Brand New Face.  Well, Actually… NO Face.” The Legion of Super-Heroes has, through the years, defied the archetypes of superhumans, redefining powers that we’d already seen in new ways.  During the early 60’s, when Sue Storm was a preening airhead with an astronaut’s wife’s haircut, Saturn Girl was leading the team.  In the 1970’s, the Legion pioneered a number of concepts ahead of their time, with the bodiless energy being known as Wildfire, and the strange and obscure powers of Tyroc and Chemical King presaging weird nebulous characters like Jack Hawksmoor and…  well,

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