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Or – “They Had Me At Hello.” Can I just say that I HATE the vertically aligned giant theme covers for Final Crisis and Final Crisis by-products?  Not only is it nigh-impossible to get a decent cover scan, they have to cram whatever they’re trying to show you into 1/3 of a standard comics page, which compresses the visual information into a tiny little space and crams everything together.  But enough whining.  Legion fans and detractors alike have long complained that the logistics of a team with 25 members are impossible to coordinate, and I can certainly feel their pain. 

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DCFeaturedHero HistoryLegion of Super HeroesReviewShadow Lass

Or – “If You Had Powder Blue Skin, You’d Probably Show Off Too…” Talok VIII is an anomaly in the worlds of the Legion. It’s a hidden, backwater world of swords and sorcery, the kind of place that Red Sonja or Claw the Unconquered wouldn’t feel at all out of place, and it’s favorite daughter has a tendency to dress in a manner that would befit Sonja as well. As with last week’s entrant, she was that rarest of Legionnaire stories, a hero so successful that she was offered LSH membership in the middle of a mission. She was also

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