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In advance of San Diego Comic Comic International 2018, Humanoids is announcing a second wave of graphic novels for Life Drawn, its new literary imprint.

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Munchkin Land
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Legendary DXP has been out for a month, and Upper Deck and Skyreacher have been releasing updates on a regular basis. This week, Stephen check out the v12 release.

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FeatureFeaturedGamingLegendaryMajor SpoilersUpper DeckVideo

Legendary DXP launched this week for Apple devices. It’s a game we’ve been waiting for, and Stephen finally sat down to play it. Is Legendary DXP as good as everyone hoped, or does it have problems?

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Pacific Rim UPrising
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Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures have released the first Pacific Rim Uprising teaser trailer at the San Diego Comic-Con.  Fortunately, they also released it online, so we can share it with you.

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PRESS RELEASE –  DreamWorks Animation Television and Netflix will present a jam-packed Voltron Legendary Defender panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, with series showrunners and voice talent debuting the premiere episode of the highly-anticipated third season of the critically-acclaimed Netflix original series.

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Buffy the Vampire SlayerGamingLegendaryUpper Deck

We’ve been waiting for a very long time for Upper Deck to release Legendary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer game. With GenCon just around the corner, guess what is finally arriving?

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GamingMunchkin LandUpper Deck

The Legendary game from Upper Deck is a blast to play. But sometimes you can’t gather your friends (or spend the hour setting the game up) at a moments notice. On August 17th that changes with the release of Legendary DXP, a digital gaming platform for mobile devices.

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Legendary Fantastic Four
Fantastic FourGamingMarvelUpper Deck

Years ago, Upper Deck released the Marvel Legendary Fantastic Four expansion, but for “some reason” the company was not allowed to reprint the expansion. GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! In six to eight weeks we’ll see reprints of Marvel Legendary Fantastic Four on store shelves.

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Gravity FallsLegendaryMoviesPokemon

Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch was pretty quiet about new projects following the series finale of his popular Disney Channel series, but now the curtain has been pulled aside, as Hirsch and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy) have been tasked with making the live action Pokemon movie a reality.

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comic conventionLegendaryMoviessan Diego Comic Con

It seems like we have seen as many takes on King Kong in movies as we have seen the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. That still isn’t going to stop Legendary Pictures, and the first trailer for Kong: Skull Island has arrived.

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With the runaway success that is Pokemon Go, it makes perfect sense that a live action movie would pop up on everyone’s radar.

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GamingLegendaryUpper Deck

We have been super excited to get our hands on the upcoming Legendary Big Trouble in Little China game from Upper Deck. As GenCon approaches, we are finally starting to get details on the game mechanics.

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