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With the Chaco conflict drawing to a close, Dominic Fortune is looking around for a new opportunity that will allow him to make some more cash. As luck would have it, he gets two very different offers at the same time, and the one he chooses, which was supposed to be the easy alternative, not only turns out to be a great deal of trouble but also leads to someone trying to kill him.

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Producers John Wells and Don Murphy have optioned The Forgotten to be turned into a feature film. The comic centers on a man who, no matter what he does or whom he meets, is forgotten five minutes later. While it gives him great power and leeway as far as investigations and problem-solving, it leaves him incredibly alone. When the son of a long-lost friend is charged wrongly with murder, he uses his powers to get to the bottom of a conspiracy. Since it is only optioned at this point, there is no writer, director, star, or release date announced. via

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CountdownDCFinal CrisisReview

or, OH thank HEAVENS it is finally over! With a sigh of relief I opened the pages of the last issue of Countdown, and with a similar sigh I closed them a few minutes later. They had not finished badly, as previous issues had suggested they might. Though they finished leaving me baffled, it was not “bad.” Countdown, issue number 1 (or 52, whatever), both finished off the Countdown saga, and paved a few stepping stones for Final Crisis.

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