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Comics Portal Go Gamestop Go

COMICS PORTAL: Go, GameStop, Go!

The last several days I’ve been reading from several sources about another company, GameStop, and their experiment with selling DC and Marvel comics in a limited number of their stores.

All I can say is, go, GameStop, go!

Comics Portal The Trouble with Trades

COMICS PORTAL: The Troubles with Trades

These days, a lot of folks are turning to trade paperbacks instead of what some now call “floppies” or individual issues. (I guess they use that term since computer discs have largely fallen out of favor.)

There are good and bad aspects to this, so I thought I’d elaborate a little on them.

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I’ve shopped at many local comics shops over the years, and I have to pay attention when a store decides that comics “aren’t enough” for whatever reason… I get worried.

Comics Portal Free Comic Book Day FCBD

COMICS PORTAL: FCBD Successes And Failures 2017

This year’s “Christmas in May” for comic book fans is now over, and it was a big success for many of us. Still, I believe some folks don’t quite understand what Free Comic Book Day is all about, so it didn’t work as well in some instances I heard about.

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