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After the decades of headache over who created Superman and Superboy, who currently owns the character outright, and who owes whom how much money, the latest court decision between the Siegel estate, DC and Warner Bros. Entertainment, should embolden the conglomerate to move forward with other Superman related projects.  The latest suit between the parties had the Siegel estate arguing that DC gave Warner Bros. a “sweetheart deal” in licensing the Superman character for Superman Returns and the Smallville series, resulting in the family getting less money than they believe they should have.

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Comic Book Legal Defense FundPress ReleaseTop Cow

Press Release Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that a limited signed variant cover of Berserker #1 will be included in a Retailer Support Pack for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  The Support Pack will be an incentive for retailers who become members of the CBLDF.  The publisher is proud to help support the CBLDF, which has fought censorship and protected the First Amendment rights of creators, publishers, and retailers in the comic book industry.

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