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MarvelSneak Peek

Marvel has released a sneak peek of the upcoming Vengeance of the Moon Knight #1 as Moon Knight takes to the streets to bring his own manner of justice to Norman Osborn.

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Week in Review

It was a pretty crazy week as the school year begins to wind down, and everyone’s anticipation for the summer convention season begin to kick into high gear. This week, I learned There are lots of comics coming down the pipe this summer from all the publishers. It’s time to kick Hitler’s ass. There were more reviews this week than any other, and surprisingly, there was no one company favored over another. Well, except maybe that double dose review of Detective Comics #853 by Stephen and Matthew. Gotham Central really needs to be made into an NBC series to replace

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Or – “In Which I Discuss The Changing Role Of The Limited Series…” It’s difficult to remember that, in comics terms, the Limited Series has only been around for a few short years.  (Well, I should probably amend that statement to say the INTENTIONALLY Limited Series.  A lot of books ran 4, 5, or 6 issues and got cancelled due to sales, editorial caveat, or general sucktitude.)  Used to be that the point of the Limited Series was to showcase characters who hadn’t been seen in a while, or to finish off story points that didn’t have another venue.  These

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