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Sneak Peek Blossoms 666 #4

[Preview] Blossoms 666 #4

Archie Comics kicks our Friday off with this early look at Blossoms 666 #4, the penultimate issue of the mini-series from Cullen Bunn, Laura Braga, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli.

Sneak Peek Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #3

[Preview] Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #3

Barbarella and Dejah Thoris make their way across the vast, endless waters of the mysterious water planet in this week’s Barbarella/Dejah Thoris #3 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Sneak Peek Blossoms 666 #3

[First Look] Blossoms 666 #3

Today is final cut-off date for Archie Comics’ Blossoms 666 #3. Take the jump for a first look at the issue, and then call your LCS to let them know you want to add the comic to your pull list.


Major Spoilers Podcast #814: Corto Maltese

Set a course for adventure, on this week’s Major Spoilers Podcast, as we look for MU with Corto Maltese. Plus, we review Action Comics #1007, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #35, Blosssoms 666 #1, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 #4!

Review 8.0

Blossoms 666 #1 Review

In the town of Riverdale, you see the culmination of Americana. Friday night lights, responsible teens, malts and burgers at Pop’s, everything you know and love. It’s a veritable dream. But under that dream lies a nightmare, one which could signal the end of all. Find out more in Blossoms 666 from Archi Comics.


Wonder Woman #51 Review

Steve Orlando has written some of the biggest heroes in the DC Universe, and now he prepares to continue that record with more adventures of Wonder Woman. But before we renew the earth-shattering events, we pull back with a tale that spans the past and future, and asks, can one person really make a difference? Wonder Woman #51 from DC Comics is in stores now.

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