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Image ComicsSolicitations

Image Comics has sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in March 2009.  Among the list of items to check out includes the awesome four panel cover to Invincible #60, and Madman Atomic Comics featuring artwork by Darwyn Cooke.

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Or – “Repercussions And Resolutions.” Walker.  Deena.  Excrement.  Rotating blades.  This shan’t be pretty.

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MarvelSneak Peek

The first collaboration between Marvel and French publisher Soleil has already been released, and now Marvel is prepped to release Denis Bajram’s Universal War One #1.  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the three issue mini-series that is being adapted by Paul Benjamin.

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Frank MillerMovies

I think Frank Miller is high on the fumes from the making of The Spirit, because he now wants to direct the film adaptation of his own Hard Boiled comic that he wrote with art by Geoff Darrow. “I’m in love with directing,” he gushed. “I’ve found a way to expand my career. Comics and directing are really two sides of the same coin. That’s what Robert Rodriguez taught me…good drama is good drama.” Carl Seltz is a suburban insurance investigator, a loving husband, and devoted father. Nixon is a berserk, homicidal tax collector racking up mind-boggling body counts in

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Ender's GameMarvelNew York Comic Con

The House of Ideas announced this past weekend that Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game will get the comic book treatment as part of Marvel’s Author’s line. The adaptation will be done by Christ Yost (writer), Pasqual Ferry (art), with Mr. Card overseeing the project. The comic series will mark the first visualization of the best-selling sci-fi epic in which the world’s most gifted children are taken to Battle School to prepare them for the fight of their lives—and to save humanity from its greatest threat! It is the tale of an unassuming young boy named Ender Wiggin, who will rise

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Markosia PublishingN-GuardSneak Peek

With the success of Mouse Guard, I expect to see many more anthropomorphized fuzzy critters running around in comics. AAM/Markosia has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of N-Guard #1 featuring just such creatures fighting against something evil.

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