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MarvelSneak Peek

Marvel Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Strange Tales #2, that arrives in stores October 7, 2009.  Take the jump to see what independent creators do when they get their hands on top Marvel characters.

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Captain AmericaMarvel

Leading up to the landmark Captain America #50 issue, Marvel has unveiled Captain America Week at the company website.  The site features original art, interviews with creators and a hint at what is to come for the hero.  Perhaps Steve Rogers will make an appearance from the grave! CAPTAIN AMERICA #50 (MAR092559) Written by ED BRUBAKER Pencils by LUKE ROSS Cover by STEVE EPTING Rated T+ …$3.99 On Sale May 20, 2009 via Marvel

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Image ComicsInvincibleReprint

If you missed out on the very cool battle between Invincible and Cecil, you missed out on a great landmark, oversized issue.  Image has announced the issue sold out at the distributor level and will be going back to print with a variant black and white cover. “Fans sure do love it when the book hits the fan,” said Kirkman. “Issue fifty altered the series in a way we haven’t seen since Omni-Man’s true nature was revealed and people have really taken notice. I think a lot of people will be even more surprised by what’s next.”

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