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DCJSAJustice Society of AmericaReview

Sometimes a short review is a good thing I wasn’t too keen on spinning the “Kingdom Come has come to Earth Prime” story line out of the JSA title and into one-shots and specials just to get more money out of readers.  However, in the case of Kingdom Come Special: Magog, it was the best decision.

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DCJSAKingdom ComeSolicitations

If you are interested in the Magog/Kingdom Come story taking place in the pages of Justice Society of America, hold on to your hat as the story isn’t ending anytime soon.  This November DC will release three spin-off specials that hopefully wrap up the events of Earth-22.  In either case, I don’t think Matthew will be too pleased.

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DCJustice Society of AmericaReview

Or – “Gog, Gog, Gog…  Does Anybody Remember When These Guys Fought Crime?” I am trying very hard to give JSA the benefit of the doubt with this storyline, but no matter how good a book has been in the past (and Johns’ & Eaglesham’s JSA has been quite good) there comes a point where you wonder exactly what the upshot of a given storyline is going to be.  We’ve been dealing with the fallout of Kingdom Come Superman for almost six months now, and as much as I appreciate having a version of Clark Kent among the DCU’s elder

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