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It was a very close contest, with Bizarro and Two-Face coming in at a tie by the end of public voting on Tuesday.  The tie was decided in a manner that Two-Face would have appreciated – by a coin toss.  Matthew and I called it in the air, and by a vote of 419 to 418, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the winner of the 2nd Annual Major Spoilers Costume Contest…after the jump.

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In which the topic of ‘going all the way’ comes up Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since the series began!  The burning question on the lips of every fanboy out there, “Does Spider-Man Love Mary Jane?”  And more importantly, do they love each other enough that the issue brings up the topic of doing it for the first time?  And even more importantly, do they do it?  If the cover featuring a shot of Q’Sada Soda is any indication, fun times await inside.

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Time to take this fight off-world and pit two very different space odysseys against each other.  So what will it be ladies and gentlemen; the young and dashing James T. Kirk of Earth, or that roguish fellow from a galaxy far far away, Han Solo?

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