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Two words – Kristin Kreuk. Hubba hubba. See a couple of clips from the episode that airs Monday.

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching NBC’s Chuck, it’s not that the average joe can become a super secret spy, it’s that the average semi-good looking nerd can land some really hot girlfriends.  When not romancing up Yvonne Strahovski, Chuck’s gotten romantic with Rachel Bilson, and now it looks like he’s about to get chummy with Kristin Kreuk. On the heels of Brandon Routh’s casting as a love interest for Sarah comes word that Smallville vet Kristin Kreuk is joining Chuck for multiple episodes as Hannah, a girl Chuck meets on a flight to Paris. “Chuck and Hannah

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Olivia Munn continues to vie for my attention, but I think this time she’s gone over the top.  Knowing that I have a thing for Kristin Kreuk, and knowing that the hottie has a Chun-Li movie coming out real soon, what does the G4 host do?  She sends me this video where she flagrantly flaunts her undies. Oh Olivia…

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Check out these five clips from the upcoming Street Fighter: The Legend of Kristin Kreuk Chun Li.  I’m still not totally sold on the movie, but some wire action is always good.

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Yes, it is the international trailer, and you’ll need to understand Japanese to get the full meaning, but it’s got Kristin Kreuk in it, so that’s like a double bonus.

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Smallville: The Complete Seventh Season arrives September 9, 2008 from Warner Home Video, and in addition to all the episodes (Laura Vandervoort and Kristin Kreuk in HD WOOT!), the DVD collection includes several special features including Supergirl: The Last Daughter of Krypton, and Jimmy on Jimmy.

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