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There’s always been a very close relationship between gaming and comics, and while this site doesn’t cover a lot of gaming stuff (we probably should), we can at least throw the gamers a bone with this week’s Friday Sing-along from Kirby Krackle.  With E3 wrapping up, the comic book rock band takes a look at the early 64-bit gaming world.

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I’m digging Kirby Krackle and the fact that they are from the comic book industry. So once again, another song from the group. Yes, you did hear those lyrics right: Hey there Skrull Girl, How’s the shape shiftin? I imagine you would have some esteem issues Cause you’re always changing, all the damn time Pick a body type, I’ll tell you what turns me on I could think of a dozen ways that I’d like to see you mainly naked but always with the chin I know it’s wrinkly, but I kinda like it So don’t you ever, never, ever,

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KIRBY KRACKLE’s debut album touches on subjects like friendship, acceptance, revenge and love, all filtered through a lens of pop culture imagery. Call it Geek Rock, Nerd-core, or whatever you want – KIRBY KRACKLE is music for YOU.

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