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DCSneak Peek

The final issue of Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton’s Knight and Squire series arrives next week, and DC Comics has released a sneak peek to get you in the mood.

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Or – “I Cannot Stand When Comics Are No Fun…” The Major Spoilers credo thusly goes: As thou love comics, we adore as well. Though Wolverine and Deadpool may sell books, when too exposed, each seems an empty shell. Though Morrison is busy with the Bat, a character revived by him returns. And with adventures fanciful and neat, The Knight fair washes ‘way life’s small concerns. (Burma Shave.)

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It certainly is a day of Batman announcements from DC.  Previously, we reported on the new ongoing Batman: The Dark Knight series, and now we learn the Bat-Family of titles is going to expand with a six issue series focused on the Knight and Squire.  The mini-series will be written by Paul Cornell with art by Jimmy Broxton. “I’m delighted to be working in DC Britain!” said Cornell. “Grant always said that he added something to the Knight and Squire’s world with every appearance: we’ll be taking that policy, and the amount of over the top weird and wonderful zany

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