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X-Men Gold Annual #2

Marvel has announced X-Men Gold Annual #2 will feature the first romantic adventure of Kitty Pryde.

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Ultimate Spider-Man #91 Review
FeaturedMarvelRetro ReviewReviewUltimate Spider-Man

As a reader and reviewer, I haven’t always been kind to Marvel’s Earth-1610 Wall-Crawler and the secondary universe that he pioneered.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things the Ultimate universe got exactly right… 

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X-Men are a big deal, and any time two of them are committing their lives to one another, big things are bound to happen. Marvel promises shocks and surprises in May’s X-Men Wedding Special #1.

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X-Men Gold

Marvel has released this teaser video for the upcoming X-Men Gold #30, where two longtime characters are finally getting wed… or are they?

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Ten Things
FeaturedMajor SpoilersTen Things

Readin’ comics and digesting all this pop culture can leave a Faithful Spoilerite mighty thirsty.  Fortunately, we’ve got a few supers who can help with that!  Welcome to Ten Things!

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MarvelPress ReleaseSolicitationsStar-Lord

Press Release War rages across the patchwork planet of Battleworld. Domains far and wide clash in an unending conflict for territory. Yet amid the fury and the fire of battle, there is love to be found as well. This June, one of the Marvel Universe’s burgeoning romances will be put through the Secret Wars wringer in STAR-LORD AND KITTY PRYDE #1 – an all-new Secret Wars series! Fan-favorite writer Sam Humphries and Marvel newcomer Alti Firmansyah ask the question – can love really conquer all?

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FeaturedFreddie Williams IIMarvelReviewStar-Lord

Legendary Star-Lord #7 is a pretty cute issue that allows Kitty Pryde a moment of heroism amidst the development of an intergalactic war.

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MarvelSneak PeekWolverine

Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Death of Wolverine #3 by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven.

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MarvelSneak PeekX-Men

Marvel has released a sneak peek of X-Men: Gold #1 that arrives at your local comic shop in November.

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Major SpoilersPoll

It’s simple, really.  Take Kitty Pryde from the X-Men and Phantom Girl from the Legion of Super-Heroes, put them both in a room they can not phase through and let the winner emerge victorious. The phasers are set to stunning in this Major Spoilers Poll of the Week! FIGHT

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Because You Demanded It! Kitty Pryde returns this March in Uncanny X-Men #522—but how? And what does this mean for the X-Men? Don’t miss a single issue of Uncanny X-Men! Get the Flash Player to see this player. uncannyx men returnofkitty

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Brian Michael BendisMarvelReviewUltimate Spider-Manultimatum

Or – This Just In…Ultimate Spider-Man is Dead? For 133 issue, Brian Michael Bendis has consistently cranked out Spider-Man stories that allowed many non-Marvel readers to get into one of the biggest and most recognized heroes in the world. Sadly, we’ve reached the end of the Ultimate Spider-Man series – at least in this incarnation, and it doesn’t look good for the wall crawler.

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MarvelReviewUltimate Spider-Man

Purple explosions in the middle of a watery hell Even though we haven’t heard much about it lately, all hell is still breaking loose in Marvel’s Ultimate line.  For Spider-Man it’s a never ending trial to try and plug the leaking damn, and the Hulk’s inadvertent smashing of the Sanctum Sanctorum’s great seal doesn’t help matters.

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Oni PressPress Release

Press Release My good friend Douglas E. Sherwood (Oni Press) proposed a tribute show based around his favorite X-Men character, Kitty Pryde.  His own personal experiences with having hemophilia his entire life also inspired him to make the show a fundraiser for the Hemophilia Treatment Center at OHSU.  So we’ve asked dozens of comic artists, graphic designers, and illustrators to do their rendition of Kitty Pryde for this May’s First Thursday show.  We’ll have original pieces and prints for sale and 100% of the proceeds go the the HTC. LISTING INFORMATION: WHO: Over 70 artists including: Bryan Lee O’Malley, Farel

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