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Dynamite EntertainmentMandrakeSneak Peek

Dynamite Entertainment wants us to share this sneak peek of King: Mandrake the Magician #3 with you, the bestest fan in the world.

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comic conventionDynamite EntertainmentPress Releasesan diegosan Diego Comic ConSDCC

Press Release Dynamite Entertainment, a leading publisher of English language comic books and graphic novels, is proud to announce a publishing deal with Fleischer Studios and King Features Syndicate that would bring Betty Boop, the first female animated screen star, to comics for the first time in over twenty years.

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Dynamite EntertainmentFeaturedReview

Dynamite Entertainment has teamed with King Features Syndicate to bring the adventures of Prince Valiant to the comic pages… and nothing happens!

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Dynamite EntertainmentFeaturedMandrakeReview

Take one of the oldest comic book character’s, give him a new tale to tell, and then give it to Roger Langridge. Is this the secret formula for magic? Major Spoilers reviews King: Mandrake the Magician #1 from Dynamite Entertainment.

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Dynamite EntertainmentFeaturedFlash GordonReview

Flash Gordon has taken to the stars to free the universe from the evil Ming the Merciless! Will he save every one of us!? FLASH! REVIEW! FLASH!

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