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We are back again this week with yet another throwdown between two iconic comic book covers. The fate of the world rests upon your shoulders, Dear Readers, as only you can pick your favorite cover!

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Image ComicsReview

When I was a kid, I remember wanting to be a comic book artist so badly it hurt. Comics had been in my life since before I could remember, and many a day was spent tracing over the art of the greats like Don Heck, John Romita, and Jack Kirby. I shudder to think the number of Bronze Age comics I devalued or destroyed in the name of artistic training. When I got older, I enrolled in every art class I could find and actually became quite good, winning state contests and school shows. The thing that always bugged me

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Diamond Comic DistributorsDiamond Comics Market Share

Diamond Comic Distributors has sent Major Spoilers the rundown of the top 100 trades and graphic novels that shipped in March 2008. Not surprisingly DC’s Batman Killing Joke Special Edition Hardcover took the number one spot with its new coloring (which I like quite a bit). Manga favorite Naruto came in at the number three position, with Marvel making its first appearance at #6 with Spider-Man One More Day Premiere Hardcover. DC came out on top trade wise goes taking the number one and number two spots on the list and also garnering a third position in the top 5

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