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Baltimore Comic-Con
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Press Release Kids 10 and under get in free at the Baltimore Comic-Con September 5-7, 2014 at the Baltimore Convention Center — and show organizers are once again presenting a kid-friendly comics area, full of all-ages comics, as well as the artists and writers who make them. Creators from such companies as Archie, Scholastic, Disney, Simon & Schuster, First Second, Marvel, and DC will be on hand to sketch, say hi, and help to teach young ones about the magic of comics through mini-How-To’s through the weekend, right at the Kids Comics Pavilion! Plus, kids can take part in comic

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I don’t know when the rocking horse fell out of popularity – I remember having one as a kid, and though my parents try to get my young ones to climb on board for a ride, they want nothing to do with the wooden yellow horse with a twisted smile.  I wonder if they’d feel different about an AT-AT rocker?

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The year was 1994, The nation struggled to make up its mind about NAFTA, Rock & Roll lost an icon in Kurt Cobain and Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president. And do I remember any of this happening? No. But I remember the Iron Man animated series.

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