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Ten Things Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes Ten Things

Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes

Suspension of disbelief is a fragile thing. Sometimes it can be broken by an action, sometimes by a word… Sometimes, it can be broken by laundry. Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Impossible-To-Keep-Clean Costumes!

Ten Things Lieutenants Ten Things

Ten Things: Ten Lieutenants

When it comes super titles, it seems like the Captains get all the love, but even they can be outranked…  metaphorically, anyway.  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Lieutenants!

Review 4.8

Kick-Ass #18 Review

It’s Kick-Ass versus a deadly assassin… but is she dead already?  Your Major Spoilers review of Kick-Ass #18 awaits!


REVIEW: Hit Girl #5

This is it! The Hit Girl mini-series finally comes to its bloody conclusion! Violence! Profanity!…

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