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The Red Shirt Diaries twenty-second episode airs today and it is based on the iconic episode that first introduced Khan Noonien Singh: Space Seed. Ensign Williams confronts Khan and she has to deal with mistaken identities, misogyny and Andorian ale! Spoilerites will recognize some familiar faces and voices in this episode: Ensign Williams – Ashley Victoria Robinson Khan (Body) – Jerry Ahern Khan (Voice) – Jason Inman You can find the everything you need to know about The Red Shirt Diaries at    

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IDW PublishingSneak PeekStar Trek

Here’s a sneak peek of Star Trek Khan #5. Check it out before heading to the comic book store.

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Press Release This October, STAR TREK: KHAN will show intrepid readers just how the master villain of Star Trek Into Darkness became the intergalactic menace seen in the blockbuster film. Over six thrilling issues, Khan’s secrets will be unlocked and the origin of evil will finally be uncovered.

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Poll of the Week
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This is going to be a controversial poll of the week because of spoilers and all, and I realize that many of you get upset when we reveal too much on this Major Spoilers site. So if the title didn’t ruin it for you, take the jump to participate in this week’s poll of the week.

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