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Review WWE #24 Review 8.0

WWE #24 Review

In the world of professional wrestling, you always have to watch your back. Your tag team partner might one day turn heel, your longtime ally may be harboring resentment. So what does AJ Styles do when someone he counted as a friend turns to foe?

Boom Studios WWE Forever #1

BOOM! Studios announces WWE: Forever #1

If you like the wrestling comics BOOM! Studios is currently releasing, be on the lookout for an all-new, over-sized, one-shot special featuring the greatest WWE Legends in the pages of WWE: Forever #1.

Boom Studios WWE Attitude Era Special 2018 #1

WWE: Attitude Era 2018 Special #1

Are you ready for the action!? I say again, ARE YOU READY FOR THE ACTION!? Take the jump for a sneak peek at all the action inthis week’s WWE: Attitude Era 2018 Special #1 from BOOM! Studios.